Human Error Reduction

Process Picture Maps

Picture Process Maps (PPMs)

We provide two solutions that involve training and software that will empower you to design and implement PPMs as Standard Operating Procedures or Work Aids/Instructions.

Many Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are lengthy, complicated and difficult to follow. As a result, there can be a tendency not to follow them and errors can result. DesertFire Online Process Picture maps (PPMs) are proven to reduce human error by making the information that operators need far more accessible, both cognitively and physically.  

PPMs bring the following benefits:

  • Standardizes performance of key tasks
  • Decreases amount of time required to learn a job or task
  • Improves safety and reduces errors
  • Regulatory and ISO compliance
  • Dramatically reduces the length of your procedures
Operator with PPM 

There are two solutions available:


PPMv5 is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any browser. Most SOPs are designed in software like Microsoft Word.  PPM v.5 structures information in a way that makes if cognitively accessible, i.e. they work with the human brain and allow people to access the information they need very quickly and with minimal cognitive effort.  This reduces incidences of human error greatly.

PPM v.5 can develop highly effective procedures for changeovers, start-ups, shut-downs, line clearances, sampling, cleaning & sanitising, QA & PM checks, and machine set-up.  PPMv.5 delivers procedures that are vastly reduced in size in comparison to standard SOPs. Indeed, they are often reduced to two pages, printed on both sides and laminated. These are best located where the task is performed, making your procedures both cognitively and physically accessible.  This reduces the likelihood of operators relying on flawed recall memory and making errors.


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If you find it difficult to get your employees to read and refer to procedures, you’re not alone.

Studies by leading universities show internet use is literally changing how we read. Our increasing reliance on smart phones, tablets and websites, for news, information and social interaction is reducing attention spans and diminishing our capacity to read and absorb lengthy documents.

The choice is clear: you can waste time and money creating old-format procedures, or you can create ‘smart’ procedures that engage, interact and train your employees.

PPM+ lets you produce procedures that use narrated videos to actually train your people. One PPM+ 'smart' procedure can easily cover the content of a 20-35 page procedure.

With PPM+ your procedures not only document your processes, but they act as a consistent 'buddy trainer' demonstrating and explaining how the job is done. The software also enables you to create paper-based PPMs to serve as job aids.


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