Human Error Reduction

Human Error Reduction Training

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Human Error Reduction (HER) Training

This is provided in the form of a one-day seminar. 

Most human error is the result of predictable patterns of human behaviour.  You will learn a scientific and proven method for managing and reducing the incidence of human error in your operations.  This one-day seminar for leaders will provide an understanding of how document and work design can increase the instance of human error in the workplace.

You will gain powerful insights into why human errors occur and how you and your management team can reduce these errors and their resulting impact on your production, quality, safety and costs.

HER Training Content

Understanding systemic and behavioural causes of error

The human brain and errors

Categorisation of errors:

  • Learning Gap Errors
  • Memory Gap Errors
  • Inconsistency Errors
  • Application Errors
  • Omission Errors
  • Decision Errors

Documentation design to reduce errors (e.g. batch records, forms)

Learning strategies to ensure capture and transfer of knowledge

Developing a "corporate memory" to avoid repeating errors

Design of systems and processes to reduce human errors