Connect Academy

Our Approach

Our approach to the development and delivery of training marks us apart. We pride ourselves on setting clear learning objectives and working hard to make sure that learners have every possible support in achieving them.


Our Approach

1. We build our courses using a modular design, meaning that learning is facilitated in logical, easy-to-digest segments.

2. We use a blend of traditional and online learning, to ensure the maximum flexibility for learners.

3. We rely on the vast experience of our trainers, many of whom have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

4. We constantly review our knowledge base to ensure that our training contains the most up-to-date information.

5. We utilise continuous evaluation and assessment so our courses are effective in delivering the training your staff need.

6. Our training methodologies recognise that not all learners learn at the same pace, or in the same way. 

Modular Courses

Our courses are modularised, packaging the requisite knowledge into logical segments that are more easily assimilated by learners. Modules specific to your needs can be developed or customised readily, ensuring the highest possible degree of relevance to your requirements.

Learning in the Cloud

Our online learning platform can provide flexibility for the learner, as well as providing an immediate go-to source of information, long after the formal training has been completed. 


Our trainers have vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector and are highly skilled in imparting the knowledge and skills needed to implement and operate high tech solutions involved in Serialisation, Machine Vision, e-Pedigree, Track & Trace, Authentication and Validation, to mention a few.